Developing Strategic Plan of Khouzestan Sport and Youths Offices (Sport Sector)

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2 Department of Sport Management , Faculty of Physical education and sport science, University of Tehran


The aim of this study was to developing the strategic plan of Sport and Youths Offices of Khouzestan in sport section. The statistical population included (vice) presidents, experts, association presidents, office managers and elite coaches with academic studies (N=100). Census sampling method was used and finally 85 questionnaires were returned correctly. A combination of qualitative (semi-open questionnaire and interview) and quantitative (rating and ranking) was used to collect and analyze the data. A semi-open questionnaire was used in this study and respondents were asked to list the vision, mission, values, goals, strengths, weaknesses, oportunities, threats and strategies of this organization in sport section. After the research committee had determined the significance rate and rank of each mentioned factor, determined the strategic position of the organization and matche internal and external factors, 17 strategies were elicited. Also، vision، mission، key values and qualitative goals were determined. Sport and Youth Organization of Khouzestan was in SO strategic position. So strategies should be directed towards developing activities. This finding was considered.


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